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Managed IT & Cyber Security Services

Since 1982, the team at RCOM Computer Services has worked tirelessly to ensure our customers feel confident in their computer programs and processes. No matter what your concern may be, our team has seen and fixed it all.

We aim to educate each client about the technology that is needed for them to succeed in their specific industry, as well as help them see the dangers of falling behind. We call this the “Cost of Inaction,” or a business’s COI. Without taking action to push ahead of your competitors, there is no way to outperform them or attract more clients.

From construction companies to municipalities, healthcare to pharmaceutical, fashion design to graphic design, food service to legal offices, there is no industry we cannot help. Turn to the managed IT service and Cyber Security specialists at RCOM Computer Services for any of the following services:

Cyber Security Services

RCOM Computer Services is a U.S. based cyber security service provider (CSSP) company that helps your organization defend against and respond to cyber-attacks. Our defense-in-depth cyber security services cover the following areas:

  • Cyber Security Program Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Incident Response
  • Advanced Malware & Ransomware Protection
  • Perimeter Security
  • Application Assessment
  • Security Monitoring Services

Network Design, Management & Co-Management

Nearly every business these days runs off a computer network, allowing different terminals to communicate and share data. The bigger the company, the bigger the network, especially when business facilities are separated by large distances.

These systems are so ubiquitous, we often take for granted the complexity that goes into their design and management, which is exactly the way it should be. Networks are meant to exist in the background, keeping your employees focused on their work and improving the efficiency of business operations.

Setting up a computer network properly is essential to a business’s ability to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. That is why it is best to turn to seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of network design and specialize in managing their functionality. At RCOM, we have developed years of expertise in building network infrastructures for a variety of business models, so we know what design will work best for you. We will craft your company a custom network and regularly monitor its performance so that your business never misses a beat. Or we can assist your current IT staff in co-managing your network infrastructure and grow their knowledgebase.

Server Administration

Servers are central storage systems that control access to hardware, software, and resources shared via a computer network. Capacity can support thousands of terminals, making it quite complicated to maintain without understanding the way a server is configured.

These machines can experience hardware malfunctions and software needs to be kept up to date. A server administrator’s sole responsibility is the upkeep of these systems so that operations remain smooth and reliable. Routine technical support projects include, but are not limited to, upgrading components and software, executing automation, establishing security policies, and educating staff on potential problems and proper performance.

RCOM Computer Services has provided server administration services since the early eighties, and we have gained firsthand knowledge of the changes and developments that servers have gone through in that time. We can get your server up and running to today’s industry standards so that your company gains the stability it needs for continuous growth.

Desktop Support

We’ve all been there: starting the computer up like normal, only to be met with an error message or nonresponsive performance. The first person we call is likely to be a desktop support technician who can help troubleshoot possible problems affecting your computer’s operations.

Unfortunately, desktop support is usually handled by a different technician every time. Wouldn’t it be great if you were assisted by someone who understood your computer’s history much like a doctor knows your medical history? With RCOM Computer Services, that is exactly what you’ll receive. Our team of specialists works to provide services that map the entire lifespan of your computer, whether it is for personal or commercial use. If you are interested in having one of our highly trained technicians being assigned to you, contact us and receive support today!

Off-Site Backup Services

In today’s modern age, the most important information people possess is likely stored digitally. This is great, as everything is secured in a single place of access whenever needed. If that space is compromised by software corruption, drive failure, or something else entirely, there is a chance that everything will be lost forever. Nearly 50 percent of computer users lose data every year.

Don’t become part of this statistic! Contact RCOM Computer Services. Our off-site backup services keep your data safe so you don’t have to worry about losing your most valuable documents and projects. We prepare for the worst so you can hope for the best.

Virus Detection, Recovery, and Prevention

As our lives have grown increasingly computerized, so has the risk of trojans, viruses, malware, and spyware inflicting damage on the data we store digitally. Cybercriminals steal everything from sensitive files to actual finances, which affect both personal and commercial users.

This is why RCOM Computer Services provides the same high-quality work to all of our customers. We perform daily scans to keep your computer system clear of any viral threat, protecting your software from failure and your information from theft. Be proactive! Prevent and protect your data with RCOM’s advanced virus detection services.

Systems Administration & Monitoring

Most business owners don’t have time to learn how to manage the systems their companies run off of. For that reason, consider hiring a professional systems administrator who can monitor the operating systems that form the support structure of your entire enterprise.

At RCOM Computer Services, our trained technicians possess the knowhow to effectively execute all administration responsibilities — from analyzing system logs and applying operational updates to configuring new hard- and software, updating user account information, and more. There’s no need to put everything on yourself. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Network & Internet Security

With security risks on the rise for commercial institutions, it is increasingly important to invest in proper practices and policies to prevent unauthorized access to your company’s network and internet systems.

Hackers will use whatever information they can to modify your digital infrastructure, disrupt communications, and conduct illegal transactions. A range of attacks from wiretapping to forgery can, at worst, dismantle and, at best, discredit any institution. The consequences can be debilitating to a high-profile organization, particularly those involved with government agencies or private institutions, but small businesses are also at risk and may not have the means to counteract such devastating circumstances.

Keep your network and internet out of the reach of wrongdoers. Contact RCOM Computer Services to receive network and internet security. Decades of IT experience qualify us as your best source for full protection against cyberattacks.

Network Data & Telco Cabling

Keep your network communicating at full speed with RCOM’s structured cabling services. Whether you are looking to expand your existing office or move to a new space entirely, our wiring services guarantee proper functioning from day one. From installation to maintenance and repair, we deliver reliable service to a range of clients — commercial, industrial, financial, retail, science and technology, and more. Stay up to date! Today’s technology drives tomorrow’s triumph.

Mobile Application Development

From shopping to streaming media, people use mobile devices to access the internet more than ever before. This trend is projected to climb exponentially over the coming decade, making it imperative that businesses fully embrace this profitable marketing platform.

Whether you are an existing business or are just starting up, RCOM Computer Services can help you compete in an increasingly digitally mobile marketplace. Our development team can tailor a mobile application that works best for connecting your business with the ever-expanding demographic using mobile devices as a primary digital tool. Remain relevant in a changing marketplace by adapting your marketing to the trends driving your industry. RCOM is here to help.

Industry-Specific Custom Software Development

World progress is driven digitally, and software is the wheel. There are plenty of platforms developed to work in a variety of applications, but some industries require software that is carefully curated to meet the unique needs and standards that keep them viable.

Scientific, medical, and legal institutions, as well as technology and manufacturing companies, are among a multitude of industries that need software to meet every aspect of their business operations.

If your company needs custom software for it to function effectively, reach out to RCOM Computer Services. We will work with you to develop an industry-specific software that supports your company’s daily operations and accounts for details that can support you when unforeseen events occur. Tailor user experience to your specifications and become an industry leader, providing services that no one else can copy.

Additional Services:

  • Website development and SEO
  • Social media presence creation and management
  • Software applications training, technical and user support
  • Hardware preventative maintenance, repair, and upgrades
  • Online store design implementation and management
  • IT department outsource provider
  • Business process review and optimization
  • Project management
  • Critical systems validation
  • Forensic data recovery
  • HIPAA compliance validation ( Risk analysis, GAP analysis services, Vulnerability & penetration testing services)
  • Hardware/Software sales
  • Application service provider
  • Co-location and disaster recovery solutions

Our technology team has more than 100 combined years of experience, and it would be our pleasure to apply everything we know to your unique situation. After all, there is no substitute for experience! We hope to help businesses like yours understand, design, implement, improve, and service their network enterprise architecture and software applications. With our services and passion for what we do, we can create lasting, ongoing relationships with our clients.

Whether your laptop crashed after watching a film at home or you need to create a custom business network for your company, we are the team to call. Our team of certified technical professionals is at your service whenever your Northern Colorado company needs us most. We’ll even come to you.

Get in touch with RCOM Computer Services today for a consultation.

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