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We have had RCOM Computer Services as our IT services provider since 1987. We find them to be exceptional in their abilities to solve and resolve our IT concerns. RCOM has taken our IT from a complicated and not so efficient system to one that functions easily and efficiently. We both have grown a lot over the years and regardless of the size, they can always accommodate our smallest needs quickly and courteously. Rick Raesz and his team are very talented and can handle any situation facing them effectively. I highly recommend RCOM Computer Services for your IT services needs.


There is no one better at what they do than Rick and his team. I have worked with them on many projects and we always came in under budget and ahead of schedule. They set a new standard in outstanding customer service. Second to NONE in my book. Rick has nerves of steel under pressure to be able to put up with a person like me as I expect extraordinary results. RCOM has NEVER let me down!! Thanks Rick for all you do for everyone in your life and the outstanding customer service.


Does your computer ever drive you crazy? Well, my computer had all kinds of “sick” problems. More than I knew how to handle.

I’m excited to share that new to our Chamber is Rick Raesz with RCOM Computer Services. He worked over my computer (which took a little while since it was such a mess) and now it works like a brand new computer. Wow…now I won’t mind getting on my computer and working again! Thank you, Rick!

So, if you have any computer needs, please call Rick. You will be happy you did.


Rick and his team of professionals understand that timing is of the essence when critical business network emergencies arise. He’s an ace!


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